Learn how to make the new SAT a powerful asset

The New Standard

Leveraged as a tool, the new SAT can become an asset—promoting the kind of teaching practices that help ensure students are prepared for college and career.

How to Address the Redesigned SAT in Your Curriculum

Phase 1: Build Comprehension

Have teachers take the test and do think alouds with students as they engage particular item types.

Identify need/growth areas, particularly where teachers may lack expertise or experience.

Phase 2: Build Coherence

Develop an interim common assessment system for each core subject area that measures students' ability to read and write analytically.

Create a common language across departments for teaching students how to do the most challenging literacy tasks of the assessment.

Phase 3: Build Continuity

Embed the core skills and tasks of the SAT into content-specific reading and writing instruction.

Use data and student work from common assessments to differentiate supports and create cross-departmental tools.


To put it simply: the new SAT doesn't just reflect the Common Core; it is the Common Core.” —Brad Cawn


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