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Transforming School Culture

Students achieve when teachers believe

Whether you lead a priority school or a high-performing organization, you will benefit from checking the pulse of your school culture. What do you and your staff believe? Do daily practices and systemwide processes support student achievement? It’s time to check in and find out, with help from Solution Tree. The School Culture Audit, designed for K–12 leaders, is an opportunity for you to review what’s going on inside your school community and how it all impacts learning outcomes for all students.

Use the report generated from this audit to answer crucial questions, including:

Are teachers united in your school’s shared mission, vision, values, and goals?
Is leadership providing clear communication, guidance, and support to staff?
Where can you celebrate success?
Where are opportunities for growth?

When you schedule an audit, you will receive a one-day on-site visit by a Transforming School Culture associate, selected and certified by Transforming School Culture creator Dr. Anthony Muhammad.

The visit includes:

  • Review of policies, practices, and procedures
  • Review of key artifacts produced and displayed by the school community
  • Formal interviews with staff and students
  • School walkthrough and classroom observations

To prepare for the visit, your audit facilitator will review school data and conduct staff surveys to better understand the existing culture of the school. A comprehensive report following the review and site visit will provide the school principal with:

  • A formal rating on a four-point rubric of school culture based on six critical indicators
  • Analysis of relevant data and staff survey findings
  • Key findings and specific, actionable recommendations in critical areas for improving, growing, and maintaining a positive school culture

Web conferencing is available for educational leadership interested in follow-up support.


We were amazed by how much the auditor was able to capture in his time at the building with staff and students, and his observations and analyses were spot on. We were able to use the findings to celebrate current successes and start crucial conversations about areas in need of improvement. The summaries allowed us to set short- and long-term goals that have already propelled us forward on our school improvement journey.”

—Tara White, director of literacy, Elkhart Community Schools, Indiana


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