Global PD for Missouri Schools—Engage, Empower, and Enrich

Job-embedded professional development allows educators to access information directly related to their current needs, to support their continuous improvement. In April 2010, the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality published a document illustrating that this idea has been supported for almost 25 years.

This can be a reality for you and your school with Global PD. The nearly 700 content-rich video clips will engage teachers and teams with higher levels of learning on topics that are focused on best practices.

Global PD empowers educators to take control of professional development in a way that is based on individual schedules and specific needs. It provides access to numerous books, videos, playlists, templates, courses, and guided professional development.

Global PD can be used for powerful enrichment, focused on topics that will help teachers, administrators, teams, and entire faculties reach their professional development goals. It can also be used with a variety of audiences, to bring the biggest names in education to your meetings and events.

Join us to learn more about how Global PD can help your school engage, empower, and enrich teaching and learning.


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