Mind the Gaps, Session 2: Yes We Can and We Must: A Proactive Approach to Minding the Gap

Featuring: Heather Friziellie, Julie A. Schmidt, and Jeanne Spiller

Given months of remote or distance learning, this webinar will challenge participants to consider how to begin to prepare now for the critical targeted instruction that takes into consideration the impact of the recent disruption in face-to-face learning.

Heather Friziellie, Julie A. Schmidt, and Jeanne Spiller, the authors of the book Yes We Can! present this webinar to assist educators with the challenging question: what comes next for my students?

Outcomes of this session include:

  • Identifying essential curriculum and immediate prerequisite skills
  • Scheduling reteaching and extension time in the master schedule
  • Identifying students in need of intensive support before the school year begins
  • Embedding support through master-schedule design



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