Mind the Gaps, Session 3: Transforming Assessment Practices in Unprecedented Times to Ensure Student Success

Featuring: Nicole Dimich

The summer slide will take on new meaning as students walk through our doors this fall. While planning for the diverse needs of students is not new, the depth and breadth of these differences will be unprecedented. An intentional plan that articulates powerful assessment practices will ensure students build confidence and achieve at high levels, no matter what their reality during the past few months of distance learning.

Assessment sits at the center of instructional decisions and multitiered systems of support that ensure student success. This webinar, featuring assessment expert Nicole Dimich, will provide guidance in how to design meaningful assessments and set up information that empowers teachers to be instructionally agile and students to be invested in their learning.

Viewers will:

  • Experience a protocol to design assessment evidence to confidently understand where students are and what they need next
  • Explore effective and efficient instructional agility practices that meet the diverse needs of learners in our classrooms, including feedback and self-assessment tools
  • Identify students in need of intensive support before the school year begins
  • Enhance the assessment process collaborative teams use to meet our changing student needs



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