Now is the time to Improve Student Achievement

ESSA: An Opportunity for American Education

A New Direction

To fully take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), it is critical to abandon the thinking that led to previous failed reforms and embrace a new mindset regarding the most promising strategies to improve schools.

RETHINK the work of educators in order to provide structures that support teacher collaboration and widely dispersed leadership.

ESTABLISH clarity of purpose regarding the collaboration.

PROVIDE ongoing feedback loops that help educators identify and address areas of strengths and weaknesses.

CREATE conditions to allow educators to succeed at what they are being asked to do.

SUSTAIN this improvement focus and protect educators from other initiatives as they work to become skilled in the professional learning community (PLC) process.

“With the passage of ESSA, states and local districts have an opportunity to put strategies into place that have been proven to be the most successful at increasing student achievement." – Dr. Richard DuFour

Ready to get started?

Take the first step by claiming your free copy of Dr. Richard DuFour’s white paper, ESSA: An Opportunity for American Education. Within its pages, Dr. DuFour examines ESSA, breaks down the results of previous reforms, and shares specific recommendations for how to ensure educators and students succeed.

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